Ohka turned his back on Robinson

WASHINGTON -- Pitcher Tomo Ohka was fined by the Washington Nationals on Sunday for showing disrespect to manager Frank
Robinson while being removed from the game the night before.

Ohka turned his back to Robinson as the manager walked to the
mound in the fourth inning of Saturday night's 7-3 victory over the
Florida Marlins. Robinson then had to grab the ball out of Ohka's
hand to make the pitching change.

"He was disrespectful to me," Robinson said before Sunday's
game against the Marlins. "He had his back to me. I put my hand
out for the ball and he didn't give it to me."

In a statement, team president Tony Tavares and general manager
Jim Bowden said the fine was for "contempt" directed toward the
manager. The amount of the fine was not disclosed.

"One thing you can't have on a major league club is have a
player show up a manager," Bowden said.

Just before the fine was announced, the Nationals closed the
clubhouse for a brief team meeting. Although he did not discuss the
meeting, Robinson made it clear that Ohka's actions upset him more
than Saturday night's other altercation: an outburst by outfielder
Marlon Byrd that left umpire Joe Brinkman knocked to the ground.

Robinson said Ohka's actions set a "bad precedent," especially
at the time when the Nationals are playing so well.

"The other players see it. Fans see it. Opposing teams see it.
It just sets a bad example," Robinson said. "This is what I'm
saying when we talk about chemistry. The chemistry is very high
right now on the ballclub. One person can damage that chemistry to
where it hurts the team."

Ohka, who was not available for comment Sunday, recently
regained his spot in the starting rotation after early season
struggles. Robinson said Ohka will remain in the rotation, and the
manager even used Ohka as a pinch-runner Sunday in the seventh

"He has this thing that goes back years, that I don't have
confidence in him, that I don't give him a chance like I do other
pitchers to work out of jams," Robinson said.

But Robinson pointed out that he let Ohka work through three
jams -- allowing runs in each of the first three innings -- before
taking the pitcher out after a single and a walk in the fourth.
With the Nationals struggling to score runs recently, Robinson said
he can only be so patient.

"We are not a great offensive ballclub, so that's the way I
gauge my pitcher," Robinson said.