Agent: 'He wants to remain a part of San Diego'

BALTIMORE -- San Diego Padres first baseman Phil Nevin on
Monday rejected a trade that would have sent him to the Baltimore
Orioles for pitcher Sidney Ponson.

The proposed deal was contingent upon Nevin's approval. He has
the right to block a trade to eight teams, including the Orioles.

"Phil has elected to stay with the Padres and will be treated
as a full member of the team," Padres general manager Kevin Towers
said. "However, with the team competing for the National League
West title, playing time is going to be determined by both his
performance and the performances of other players that will
ultimately give us the best chance to win."

Nevin, 34, is batting .263 with nine home runs, 11 doubles and
47 RBI in 71 games. Nevin did not immediately return a phone call
seeking comment.

"He just decided that obviously, family factors, personal
factors, took precedent over baseball factors," said his agent,
Barry Axelrod. "He wants to remain a part of San Diego and the
ballclub. He's always wanted to be in San Diego. They gave him the
right to keep that right, and that's what he decided to do."

Towers' comment regarding Nevin's playing time means Nevin could
be benched by manager Bruce Bochy, who might start playing Xavier
Nady at first base.

"That was duly taken under consideration. He understands that's
a possibility, something that Boch may decide to do," Axelrod
said. "Obviously he's willing to accept that and take his chances
with that."

Ponson is 7-9 with a 5.91 ERA. The non-waiver deadline is Sunday
afternoon, so Ponson still may be dealt by the Orioles. He has not
won a game for Baltimore since June 18.

Nevin would have provided the Orioles with a much-needed
right-handed power hitter, one who would have given 40-year-old
first baseman Rafael Palmeiro an occasional day off. Nevin and
Palmeiro probably would have alternated between first base and
designated hitter.

"It's always good to add a player like that because he's a
great offensive player," Palmeiro said before Nevin's
announcement, "but you win ultimately with pitching. If anything,
we need to help our pitching staff."

For that reason, Palmeiro would have missed Ponson as a

"I know people have different opinions about Sidney, but the
one thing I have to give him is Sidney comes to pitch. He's a
workhorse, he'll give you innings and give it all he's got,"
Palmeiro said. "I'm open to whatever they want to do. If they want
to put [Nevin] at first, I'll DH. But I don't want to lose