Wells says he's sorry for earlier remarks

BOSTON -- Boston Red Sox left-hander David Wells apologized
on Wednesday for comments he made this week criticizing
commissioner Bud Selig for his handling of baseball's steroid

"I understand that I was wrong in my statements about these
issues and for that I apologize," Wells said in a statement issued
by the players' association after Wells met with baseball
officials. "Now that I have had this opportunity to sit down and
discuss the issues, I better understand the procedures that go with
steroid testing."

Wells lashed out at Selig after losing his appeal of a six-game
suspension on Monday, saying the commissioner "isn't doing a
thing" about steroids. The pitcher, who called Selig an "idiot"
in a spring training interview with the Hartford Courant, accused
Selig of retaliating for his past comments in handing out the
latest suspension.

The boisterous lefty also claimed Selig withheld results of
Rafael Palmeiro's steroids test to avoid detracting from the Hall
of Fame inductions. Rob Manfred, baseball's executive vice
president of labor relations, called Wells' version "pure

The Red Sox promptly apologized for Wells' comments. The pitcher
was summoned along with his agent to New York and met for about an
hour with Manfred and union lawyers Michael Weiner and Bob

"I met today with Major League Baseball and the players'
association and was happy to have the chance to answer questions
about my press conference the other day and to learn more about the
drug testing program and on-field disciplinary suspensions,"
Wells' statement said. "I now know that neither Bud Selig nor
anyone else delayed the Palmeiro case and that the commissioners
office has worked with the union to improve the steroid policy."

Wells is scheduled to complete his suspension and pitch on

Manfred declined comment on the meeting.

"It was my understanding that the meeting went very well,"
Boston manager Terry Francona said after the Red Sox beat Tampa Bay
7-6. "And for that, I'm pleased."