Red Sox outfielder Kapler ruptures Achilles

TORONTO -- Boston's Gabe Kapler ruptured his left Achilles'
tendon while rounding second base on Tony Graffanino's fifth-inning
homer during Wednesday night's 5-3 win over Toronto.

Graffanino's ball went over the left-field wall, and Kapler fell
to the ground. He got up on one knee but couldn't continue.
After a five-minute delay, Kapler was carted off the field.
Alejandro Machado pinch ran starting at second base and finished
circling the bases.
"I felt like I got hit at the back of my ankle," said Kapler,
who wasn't in pain after the game. "I just had seen the ball go
Kapler realizes he could be sidelined a long time.
"I'm sure there is going to come a time when reality is going
to hit me and I'm going to know that it's going to be a while
before I help my teammates," Kapler said. "That's going to be
hard for me."
Boston already was missing center fielder Johnny Damon, who was
in Boston receiving treatment for a sore left shoulder. Damon hopes
to play in Thursday's home game against Oakland.
Kapler will be evaluated in Boston on Thursday. Outfielder Adam
Hyzdu will replace him.
"I'm really hoping Johnny Damon shows up and is really
healthy," Boston manager Terry Francona said.
Kapler was a backup outfielder with the Red Sox in 2004. He was
the first player to leave the World Series champions when he signed
a one-year contract with the Yomiuri Giants last November, taking
more money and the chance to play every day. But he struggled in
Japan and re-signed with Boston in July.
Kapler hit .247 with one home run and nine RBI in 36 game with
"It's been real bizarre," Kapler said. "This is a bump in the
road but nothing I can't manage. I can handle this. It's going to
challenging. This season has been challenging for me. I just need
to get where I need to be and help this team win, whenever that
might be."
Boston starter David Wells said losing Kapler hurts.
"He's a great 10th man off the bench," Wells said. "He comes
to play every day. He's like Charlie Hustle. The guy goes after it
with no fear. To lose him is crushing. I've never in my 18 years
seen a guy blow it out at second base on a home run."