Charisse Strawberry files for divorce from Darryl

TAMPA, Fla. -- Darryl Strawberry's wife has filed for
Charisse Strawberry filed a petition for dissolution of marriage
from the former baseball star Friday in Hillsborough County family
"My marriage is past the point of reconciliation," the
37-year-old woman said in a statement provided to The Associated
Press. "I wish Darryl the best and continue to pray for him."
Darryl Strawberry, an eight-time All-Star and member of two
World Series winners, has overcome a drug addiction, prison term
and cancer. The 43-year-old former player served 11 months in
prison in 2002-03 for violating probation on cocaine possession
Most recently, Delray Beach police charged Strawberry with
filing a false police report after making up a story alleging that
his SUV had been stolen.
Police said Strawberry admitted to police on Wednesday that he
lied in the original report. He was not arrested because the
charge, filing a false police report, is a misdemeanor.