Guillen calls A-Rod hypocrite in SI for WBC decision

Another spring, another member of the Sox taking shots at Alex Rodriguez. This time, however, it isn't the Boston Red Sox; it's Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen.

Guillen, in an interview with Sports Illustrated, targeted A-Rod's much-publicized back and forth standing whether to play in the World Baseball Classic for the Dominican Republic or United States.

"Alex was kissing Latino people's asses," Guillen, who's from Venezuela, said in the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated. "He knew he wasn't going to play for the Dominicans; he's not a Dominican!"

Rodriguez, who has dual citizenship in the Dominican Republic and United States, decided to play for the American squad after once saying he wasn't going to play in the WBC because choosing a team was too difficult. Guillen apparently found his wishy-washy attitude to be disingenuous.

"I hate hypocrites: He's full of [expletive]," Guillen told Sports Illustrated. "The Dominican team doesn't need his ass. It's the same with [Nomar] Garciaparra playing for Mexico. Garciaparra only knows Cancun because he went to visit."