Bonds says he's set for Opening Day start

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz -- On his way back to California from Arizona, Barry Bonds said he would be ready to play Opening Day.

Bonds played in seven spring training games here, going 10-for-16 with four home runs, nine RBI and two walks. He missed the last couple games of the Cactus League schedule because of a strained left elbow. He also said he was healthy enough to play had the season opened today.

He declined to say how many games he hopes to play this season. "I'm taking it one day at a time,'' is all he said.

General manager Brian Sabean also declined to be pinned down, saying: "Only God and [Bonds] know how much he'll play. And the manager."

Although not necessarily in that order? "Exactly,'' Sabean said.

Bonds also reiterated there is a "very good chance'' that he'll retire at the end of the season, regardless of how close he is to Hank Aaron's home run record.

"It's based on whether I want to play, not on Hank Aaron,'' he said. "Hank has already done his job.''

Bonds was scheduled to leave for San Francisco Tuesday on an early afternoon flight. The Giants finish up their Cactus League schedule Wednesday, then will fly home to play four exhibition games against the Angels and Athletics before the season opener. Bonds is expected to play in at least one of those games.

Jim Caple is a senior writer at ESPN.com.