Percentage of foreign-born players drops

NEW YORK -- The percentage of major-league players born outside the United States dropped slightly to 27.4 on Opening Day from last year's record of 29.2.

Of the 813 players on Opening-Day rosters and disabled lists, 223 were born outside the 50 states, the commissioner's office said Wednesday. The only years with higher percentages were 2005 and 2003 (27.8).

The Dominican Republic had the most non-U.S. players with 85,
followed by Venezuela (43), Puerto Rico (33), Canada and Mexico (14
apiece), Japan (nine), Cuba (six), South Korea (five), Panama
(four), Taiwan (three), Australia and Colombia (two each) and
Aruba, Curacao and Nicaragua (one apiece).

The New York Mets (15) had the most foreign-born players,
followed by the Los Angeles Dodgers (14) and the Los Angeles Angels

There were 2,964 of 6,568 minor leaguers born outside the 50 states, with the percentage dropping from 45.4 last year to 45.1.