DiMaggio uniform, marriage certificate to be auctioned

DANVILLE, Calif. -- Joe DiMaggio's uniform from his final World Series with the New York Yankees and the certificate from his marriage to Marilyn Monroe are among the items being auctioned next month.

The items from the Yankee Clipper's personal collection will be displayed next Tuesday at a private reception at the Blackhawk Museum in Danville. The auction will be held in New York on May 19-20.

Among the items being auctioned the home uniform DiMaggio wore in the 1951 World Series, his 1947 MVP plaque, a set of Yankees World Series rings given to DiMaggio by the team, his 1941 MVP pocket watch, the marriage certificate, a signed photograph of Monroe that she gave to DiMaggio, a painting of Monroe by Jon Whitcomb and a telegram she sent DiMaggio in 1961.