Guillen names Wedge, Gibbons AL All-Star coaches

NEW YORK -- Cleveland manager Eric Wedge and Toronto manager
John Gibbons will serve as American League coaches at next month's
All-Star Game.

AL manager Ozzie Guillen of the Chicago White Sox made the
choices Monday. The All-Star Game will be July 11 at Pittsburgh.

"I have lot of respect for Eric Wedge and John Gibbons and what
they have been able to accomplish with the Indians and Blue Jays.
Every time we play those teams, it's a battle for the White Sox,"
Guillen said.

White Sox coaches Harold Baines, Don Cooper, Joey Cora, Art
Kusnyer, Tim Raines and Greg Walker will handle batting practice.
Trainers Steve Donohue of the New York Yankees and Nick Swartz of
Kansas City also are on the AL staff.