Jays disinfect clubhouse after second player infected

TORONTO -- The Toronto Blue Jays disinfected their clubhouse
after being forced to place right-hander Ty Taubenheim on the
15-day disabled list Saturday with an infection in his left foot,
the second Toronto player to be placed on the DL because of a staph

Right fielder Alex Rios still hasn't rejoined the club since
suffering a staph infection in his lower left leg in late June.

Due to the nature of Taubenheim's injury, the Blue Jays worked
with health inspectors to ensure the Blue Jays' home clubhouse was
not the source of infection. Following the inspection, the
clubhouse was disinfected for precautionary reasons.

Blue Jays spokesman Jay Stenhouse said the "clubhouse was
absolutely not the source of the infection." They don't know how
Taubenheim was infected.

Stenhouse said health inspectors examined the entire clubhouse
over the All-Star break, including the shower and hot tub areas.

Manager John Gibbons acknowledged it could have easily come from
Toronto's locker room.

"Staph infections are prevalent in most clubhouses. It could
have happened here, it could have happened in Atlanta, Florida or
some other clubhouse," Gibbons said. "Nobody knows, but it's
pretty common in most clubhouses. I can remember growing up in high
school, things like that. It just thrives in that atmosphere."

Rios didn't appear to suffer a cut after fouling a ball off his
leg on June 27 but the area swelled and became sore. Blue Jays
trainer George Poulis said the injury was weird because there was
no visible break in the skin that might have allowed the
troublesome bacteria to enter. Rios was given strong antibiotics.

The All-Star is out of the hospital and rehabbing with the Blue
Jays, but manager John Gibbons doesn't expect him back before July

Rios underwent two surgical procedures to remove fluid from the
infected area, delaying his return.

The 25-year-old Rios is having a breakout season, batting .330
with 15 homers and 53 RBI.

Taubenheim was 1-5 with a 4.89 ERA.

Right-hander Vinnie Chulk was recalled from Triple-A Syracuse to
take Taubenheim's place on the roster. Chulk with 1-0 with a 5.95
ERA with Toronto earlier this season.