Bonds' lawyer refutes report that indictment expected

While Barry Bonds' legal team is prepared if the Giants slugger is indicted on perjury and tax evasion charges, it remains hopeful it won't have to mount a defense at all, attorney Laura Enos told Bloomberg News.

"I am not expecting nor is anyone else on the team expecting an indictment," Enos told Bloomberg in a telephone interview. Enos told the news service that if the government "had the evidence they would have indicted him a long time ago."

The Associated Press reported Friday that Bonds' legal team was preparing for the outfielder to be indicted as soon as next week.

However, Enos told Bloomberg that prosecutors "have nothing" and their witnesses "never saw Barry taking anything."

Enos said being prepared is a "far cry" from saying an indictment was expected. "What is not a fair characterization is that somehow we were letting the public know it's coming down."

Bonds hit his 721st homer Sunday, connecting off Brett Myers in the sixth inning of the Giants' game against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Bonds hit his 13th homer of the season on a 3-2 pitch from Myers, who became the major league-record 427th pitcher to allow a homer to the San Francisco slugger. The solo shot barely reached the stands in left-center, and the ball was fumbled back onto the field.

Bonds, who passed Babe Ruth for second place on baseball's career list on May 28, trails Hank Aaron by 34 homers.

If charged with perjury and convicted, Bonds could face up to five years in prison. He could face another five years if charged and convicted of money laundering.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.