Park better after receiving blood transfusions

SAN DIEGO -- Chan Ho Park was back at the ballpark on Friday, playing catch, picking up an award and saying he felt "100 percent better" after receiving transfusions to treat internal bleeding that put him on the disabled list.

The San Diego right-hander received one unit of blood on Thursday and two on Friday. The donors included Katie Peavy, the wife of Padres ace Jake Peavy; Kelly Calabrese, the team's massage therapist; and a friend of Park's from Los Angeles.

"I'm very appreciative that my teammates care so much about me," Park said. "I've got a lot of letters. San Diego's a special place. You don't see this kind of caring in other cities."

Park was put on the DL on Sunday, retroactive to July 26, after reporting abdominal pain and a lethargic feeling while the team was in Colorado. Park has also been treated for anemia.

The Padres believe Park bled in his lower intestine, losing half his blood volume. The bleeding spontaneously stopped, and trainer Todd Hutcheson said the team may never know what caused it. Tests ruled out a bleeding ulcer.

Park said he underwent four different tests. Three of them didn't find anything, and for the fourth, doctors had him swallow a small camera.

"It took like 5,000 pictures," the pitcher said.

"It's been tough, but it's not an injury, it's a health issue and we can control it," Park said. "I've learned a lot about the human body. I've learned a lot about Scripps Clinic."

Park said his headaches and dizziness were gone.

"Before, I just had to lay down and take a nap," said Park, who's scheduled to be checked on Saturday.

He last pitched July 25 at the Los Angeles Dodgers and had been scheduled to start last Sunday at Colorado. But he was sent home two days before that.

Park said he felt "really tired" two days after he pitched in L.A.

"I stopped eating and felt even worse. I thought we could control this by just eating better. I found out different," he said.

Manager Bruce Bochy said Park (7-6, 4.63 ERA) will be activated when he's eligible on Thursday. The Padres will decide closer to the time when he'll make his next start.

"He's doing well," Bochy said. "He's on schedule."

Before Friday night's game against Washington, Park received a trophy for being named to the World Baseball Classic All-World Team. He pitched for South Korea.