Fenway fan hurt by Jeter foul appears to be OK

BOSTON -- A woman sitting in a second-row box seat was hit
in the head by Derek Jeter's foul ball and driven away from Fenway
Park in an ambulance Friday night.

Boston Red Sox spokesman John Blake said she was taken to the
hospital as a precaution and the injury did not appear to be

Jeter said after the game that he would check on her condition.
"I hope she's OK," he said.

No further information was released about the fan, who was
struck on the right side of her forehead. She was taken by
wheelchair from the stands to the first aid room. She appeared to
be alert, with a bandage covering her entire forehead, when she
left the ballpark.

Red Sox owner John Henry visited the woman in the first aid room
and brought her a baseball.

The accident occurred in the second inning of the second game of
the New York Yankees-Red Sox doubleheader.

The woman was sitting on the first-base side of the foul screen
behind home plate. Those around her motioned worriedly for medical
attention, while other fans carried away their children, shielding
their eyes.

Jeter stepped out of the batter's box and paused to look over at
the woman. During the rest of the at-bat, he glanced over in
between pitches. After striking out, the Yankees captain looked
back on his way to the third-base dugout.

"I probably should have paid more attention to that at-bat,"
he said.