Report: Mora rips Orioles for having 'losing mentality'

It's been nine seasons since the Baltimore Orioles have reached the playoffs, and it looks like some of the frustration felt in the locker room is boiling over once again.

Third baseman Melvin Mora, who has been with Baltimore uninterrupted since 2001, called out his teammates and the organization Saturday for what he considers to be a "losing mentality."

"I think people here have taken the losing mentality," Mora told the Baltimore Sun. "I don't like it when people think, 'OK, we'll go home. We played a good year or whatever.' It's frustrating when you see guys like the Yankees come to town and play for something and you are going nowhere. … That for me is not baseball."

Mora told the Sun that the Orioles have a lack of leadership, and that feelings of nonchalance and negativity could infect the entire organization.

"Things need to change here. Big changes," Mora told the Sun. "The Orioles can carry on, but people have to understand, I get [ticked]. I get [ticked] when I go home. My wife says, 'Relax.' How are you going to relax when you go to the ballpark for no reason?"

At 64-85, the Orioles are 26 games behind the Yankees in the AL East and 24 games behind Minnesota for the AL wild card.