Aaron doesn't plan to be there if Bonds hits No. 755

Don't expect Hank Aaron to be in the stands if Barry Bonds matches his record 755 home runs.

"First, I don't like to fly," Aaron told the Oakland Tribune this week. "And if I come, there's going to be some controversy. And if I don't come, there's going to be some controversy."

Bonds has 734 home runs, 22 away from Aaron's career record, but he has been dogged in recent years by allegations of steroid use and ties to the BALCO scandal.

"I have pride in the record, but records are made to be broken," Aaron told the Tribune. "But the reason I don't want to get involved is everybody is innocent until proven guilty, and we can talk, we can talk, we can talk, but until there's proof, I have no comment."

Bonds, who had bone chips removed from his left elbow earlier this month, is eligible for free agency after the World Series. After missing all but 14 games in 2005 following three operations on his right knee, Bonds batted .270 with 26 homers and 77 RBI in 367 at-bats in 2006.

"As soon as I heal in the next few weeks, I will begin my offseason training," Bonds said after the surgery in a posting on his Web site, www.barrybonds.com.

Bonds' $90 million, five-year contract is expiring, though he has said he would like to return to the Giants next year -- his 22nd in the big leagues and likely his last season.

The Giants have said Bonds would have to take a pay cut to stay -- and they won't re-sign Bonds just to put fans in the seats at their waterfront ballpark, which hosts next year's All-Star Game.

Bonds seemed more comfortable this season, especially after he passed Babe Ruth with his 715th home run on May 28. Once he got by the Babe, the national media attention diminished and so did the constant questions about steroids.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.