Boras says he's working with Epstein to finalize Drew

NEW YORK -- J.D. Drew's agent said the outfielder doesn't
have any physical ailments that would prevent his contract with the
Boston Red Sox from being finalized.

Scott Boras, who represents Drew, reached a preliminary
agreement with the Red Sox on Dec. 5 for a $70 million, five-year
contract. The Boston Herald reported Saturday that the outfielder's
medical exam raised "a red flag" that the team wanted to check
into, and the Herald and Boston Globe have focused on his right

Drew had surgery on his right shoulder and on a wrist in
September 2005.

"J.D. is healthy," Boras said Wednesday night. "We've had
noted experts that have demonstrated that he's without any
condition that would effect him over the five years of the

Boras said that drafting the agreement is the only obstacle to
completing an agreement. Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein has
not commented publicly on the deal since the reports on Drew's
condition began last weekend.

"Theo and I are working on this in good faith," Boras said.
"We're just working through the language."

Drew would receive annual salaries of $14 million, but if he
doesn't meet set levels of games played, some of the final year's
$14 million would be deferred.

Boston plans to have the left-handed-hitting 31-year-old play
right field and bat fifth behind David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez.
Drew hit .283 last season with 20 homers and a career-high 100 RBIs
for the Dodgers.