Peavy apologizes for airport conduct; charge dropped

MOBILE, Ala. -- Jake Peavy's disorderly conduct charge was
dismissed after the San Diego Padres pitcher apologized for a
confrontation with a security officer when he double parked to
unload baseball gear at Mobile Regional Airport.

Peavy was arrested in his hometown after he parked in front of
the airport entrance Jan. 4. The 25-year-old player was taking
equipment on a church mission to help children in the Dominican Republic.

When the airport officer ordered the vehicle moved or be
ticketed, Peavy indicated he would take the ticket. Peavy then made
a comment about "a real cop" as opposed to airport security and
was subsequently arrested and booked into Mobile Country Metro Jail
on the misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge, District Attorney John Tyson Jr. said.

Tyson told the judge at a court hearing Thursday the decision to
dismiss came "on the recommendation of the individual officer
involved and the chief of airport police."

Peavy apologized personally to the officer during a meeting, his
attorney, Stoney Chavers, said. Peavy apologized a second time
during his court appearance.

After his release from jail on a $350 bond, Peavy completed his trip to the Dominican Republic.