Braves re-sign RHP Villarreal, avoiding arbitration

ATLANTA -- Pitcher Oscar Villarreal agreed to a $925,000,
one-year contract Sunday with Braves, who settled with their only
player still in arbitration.

The right-hander could make another $100,000 in bonuses based on
how many games he starts and finishes.

A hearing had been scheduled for Wednesday. Villarreal, who made
$552,500 last year, asked for a raise to $1.3 million. The Braves
countered with an offer of $860,000.

Villarreal gets three points for each start and one point for
every game he finishes. He would receive $25,000 bonuses for
reaching 30, 39, 48 and 60 points.

He pitched 58 games for the Braves last season, all but four of
them in relief. He went 9-1 with a 3.61 ERA.