Cuban says he won't speculate on Cubs sale

DALLAS -- Mark Cuban has led the Wrigley Field crowd during
the seventh-inning stretch and has long been considered a potential
buyer for the Chicago Cubs. Now that the team will be for sale
after this season, might the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks step up to the plate and put in a bid?

"They're not for sale yet, so I don't know," Cuban said
Monday, one week after the announcement of the planned sale by Sam
Zell, the real estate magnate who is buying the team's parent
company, Tribune Co.

"I don't even know what is for sale when they do try to sell,
so there's nothing really to comment on. There's nothing to
speculate on until they put it up for sale."

The Mavericks have gone from one of the NBA's worst teams to one
of its best during Cuban's ownership. While he rubs some people the
wrong way, his energy and cash have been a big part of the club's
turnaround, prompting fans of underachieving teams from across the
country to e-mail him about buying their team.

He recently was part of a group that had been in talks to buy
his hometown hockey team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. But he didn't
have an active role in that group.

The Mavericks remain his top priority, although he's long been
at odds with NBA hierarchy and recently acknowledged his
differences with the league office made him consider selling the
club last summer.

Dallas is headed into this postseason with the best record in
the league. Whether the Mavs win their first title or not, he'll
still have plenty of time later in the summer to turn his attention
to a possible purchase of the Cubs.

"It's not out there yet," Cuban said. "Saying you're going to
sell something at the end of the year doesn't really mean anything.
... My position has always been there's no point in commenting on
things that are not for sale."