Yost trips near Wrigley, breaks collarbone

CHICAGO -- Milwaukee Brewers manager Ned Yost was recovering
from a broken collarbone Wednesday, a day after he tripped during a
jog near Wrigley Field.

"I felt like an idiot," he said.

Yost said he was finishing a run from Lake Michigan on Tuesday
when his foot got caught in uneven pavement. He tried to balance
himself but fell headfirst, injuring his right collarbone, bruising
his hip and scraping his shin.

He went to a hospital and a doctor recommended that Yost have
his arm immobilized. Yost declined and returned to the park, where
he guided the NL Central-leading Brewers past the Chicago Cubs 4-1.

"The doctor wanted to put it in a sling," Yost said. "I'm
fine, really. I didn't sleep [Tuesday night], but it wasn't like I
was in pain."

"I've never hit that hard before in my life," he said. "It's
not a big deal. It's just whatever pain you can take. You put it
out of your head and go."

The fall was a first for Yost, an avid runner.

"I usually get here 11:30 or 12, jog down to the lake and I've
got a little 3-to-5-mile run that I do every day," he said.

"I was coming back and the sidewalk was all broken up. I caught
an edge of one of the broken pieces and man, I slammed. I rolled
twice, got up and didn't even miss a beat."

Yost said he saw the rough pavement ahead.

"It's never happened to me before," he said. "I've been
running for 15 years and it's never happened to me. I was prepared
for it. It wasn't like it caught me by surprise. I was watching, it
just caught my toe."