Auction house willing to buy 756 ball for $1M

How much will Barry Bonds' eventual 756th home-run ball be worth to the fan who retrieves it? At least $1 million.

A Dallas auction house has offered a $1 million bounty for the historic ball.

"We invite the lucky owner who delivers this historic baseball, as verified by Major League Baseball, to redeem it for a $1 million bounty at a Dallas news conference within 15 days of the record-breaking homer," Chris Ivy, drector of Sports Auctions for Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas, said Sunday.

Bonds, who has 11 home runs this season, is just 11 homers shy of breaking Hank Aaron's all-time record of 755 home runs.

"The baseball that sets the mark could truly be considered 'priceless,' but we expect that $1 million dollars will be very tempting to the fan who catches that ball." Ivy said.