Shoe inserts the answer for Giambi's aching heel

CHICAGO -- Slumping New York Yankees designated hitter
Jason Giambi might have a solution for his aching left heel.

He went to an orthopedic specialist in Los Angeles on Monday to
get some new shoe inserts to alleviate the pain caused by a bone
spur in the heel.

"I got some more orthopedics made just to cover all my bases,"
Giambi said. "He gave me a different pair to try on for my shoes
to see if they would help out a little more."

Giambi expects to have the inserts by Friday and was given some
temporary ones that are different from the ones he had been using.

"They're hoping that they can, with the orthodics, alleviate
some pain and I can get rid of the pain in my spur," he said.

"I've never really had a problem with the spur, up until
lately. I think my heel is inflamed because of everything that's
gone on."

Before Tuesday's game against the White Sox, Giambi was hitless
in his last 18 at-bats. He said the heel was affecting him at the

"I'm just not getting that good push that I need on my back
foot to really drive through the ball," he said. "That's why I'm
not really driving the ball right now. But hopefully we'll get that
under control."

Manager Joe Torre elected to keep Giambi out of the starting
lineup Tuesday with the Yankees facing lefty John Danks of the
White Sox, but hoped that the orthopedics would help Giambi.

"He could probably play, but I told him to test it tonight,"
Torre said. "We'll sit him against the left-hander and if we need
him later I can use him. He's got some orthopedics now that are
going to help his foot."

Despite the optimistic outlook, Torre conceded that a stint on
the disabled list was a possibility for Giambi, who is batting .278
overall with five homers and 18 RBIs.

"We'll see how this works," Torre said. "It's in a very tough
spot. When you're feet are uncomfortable, it's tough to be
comfortable. ... If it continues to be a problem, we'll have to
look at it."