Guillen upset after radio host questions lineup change

CHICAGO -- White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen unleashed a
profanity-laced outburst on a radio show Friday morning after the
host questioned why starting catcher A.J. Pierzynski wasn't in the
lineup for the interleague opener against the Cubs.

Pierzynski had been on the show earlier, saying he was
disappointed to be left out of the lineup as the White Sox started
backup catcher Toby Hall.

Hall's first appearance of the season wasn't a good one. After
coming off the disabled list Thursday, he made two errors and had a
crucial passed ball in the White Sox's 6-3 loss.

"Ozzie called up and after he swore the first time, I asked him
nicely to take it easy. He swore again and that's when it blew
up," WSCR-AM host Mike North said.

Pierzynski met with both Guillen and general manager Ken
Williams before the game.

After Pierzynski went on the air and said he was disappointed to
be sitting, North said there was no excuse for Pierzynski -- a
weekly guest on the show -- to be sitting.

Guillen, on the way to Wrigley Field, phoned from his car and
launched into North. North began responding angrily and Guillen
subsequently hung up. North later went to Guillen's office and
brought him some fudge.

Before the game, Guillen acknowledged he was very angry but did
not apologize for his choice of words on the air.

"No. I already did it. It's too late," Guillen said. "No, I
don't regret it."

"I should have been talking to my kids in the car. Every time
we play the series, I like to listen what the fans say about the
series and what's going on," Guillen said. "It's a funny thing
because at 9 in the morning I always sleep. I was mad at the way
they were saying stuff."

Guillen said he doesn't have to explain his lineup to anyone,
except Williams. And he said Pierzynski is not going to be in a
platoon situation with Hall.

"If he thinks he going to be a backup player, he should come to
me and not go to the radio. Do I have anything against him? No,
he's going to be my catcher tomorrow and my catcher the next day
and every day until I make the lineup when Toby Hall is in the
lineup," Guillen said.

Moments later, he and Pierzynski met near the first-base line
and then gave each other a hug.

"Ozzie and I are fine. That's the biggest thing. That Ozzie and
I know where we stand with each other, and I have nothing but
respect for Ozzie and what happened this morning was just a
misunderstanding," Pierzynski said.

Williams didn't seemed overly concerned about his talkative
manager's latest controversy.

"Am I OK with it? No, I don't like the use of the language. But
in talking with Ozzie, he was surprised when I informed him he used
a few choice words that are really not acceptable for the radio,"
Williams said.

"He was shocked that he actually used a couple of them to the
extent that he did. So that was pure and raw anger that was coming