Gonzalez suspended, fined for returning to field after ejection

NEW YORK -- Florida Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez served a
one-game suspension Friday night for going onto the field during a
bench-clearing confrontation one inning after he was ejected.

Florida's first-year manager was ejected for the first time
Thursday for arguing a call. In the next inning, the Marlins and
Philadelphia Phillies waged a shoving match near third base, and
Gonzalez was back on the field restraining one of his players.

"It's something I shouldn't have done, but I'd rather not let
the stuff escalate more than it was," Gonzalez said. "I think
Major League Baseball saw that I was more of a peacekeeper and not
trying to instigate stuff."

Gonzalez also was fined.

"The wife is going to be upset," he said.

Gonzalez served the suspension when the Marlins opened a weekend
series against the New York Mets. Bench coach Carlos Tosca took
over as interim manager.

Emotions began to escalate Thursday when the Phillies' Jon
Lieber hit Aaron Boone with a pitch in the second inning. Three
batters later, Lieber threw a pitch behind Willis.

Willis threw behind Lieber in the fourth inning. The next batter
hit an inning-ending groundout, but as Willis walked off the mound
he shouted at the Phillies and waved his glove at them.

The teams traded shoves and words, but no one was ejected.
Gonzalez said the suspension was his first as a player or

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel scoffed when asked whether there
is tension between his team and the Marlins.

"You know what? If there's bad blood then we shouldn't be over
there kissy-facing before the game and everything like that,
high-fiving," Manuel said before Friday night's game at Atlanta.
"When you put this uniform on you go out there to play. You go out
there to win."