Bonds' son might not be working as bat boy when dad breaks HR mark

SAN FRANCISCO -- Barry Bonds' son, a bat boy for the
San Francisco Giants, is on the disabled list for his dad's home run

Nikolai Bonds tore two ligaments in his left ankle last week
when he dunked during a pickup basketball game and came down on
someone's foot -- and now the 17-year-old is hobbling around the
clubhouse in a walking boot for the initial stage of what is
expected to be a two-month recovery.

That means he might not be in a Giants uniform working as a bat
boy when his father breaks Hank Aaron's home run record, as the
younger Bonds has been for many of his dad's other milestones in
recent years.

"He'll still be there," Barry Bonds said. "It's not serious.
I don't think anything's that serious at 17. Who says he won't be
down there. Who knows? We're not there yet."

Bonds' pursuit of Aaron's record has slowed significantly since
his quick start this season. The San Francisco slugger had hit 11
homers by May 8, but has only hit four in 111 at-bats since then.
His last, No. 749 of his career and 15th this season, came Friday
against the Yankees.

Bonds wasn't scheduled to start Wednesday afternoon's series
finale against the San Diego Padres, and the Giants have a day off

"He's just going to try to do it quick," Nikolai Bonds said.
"That's what I would do. That's the smartest thing to do. I'll
still be there."

The younger Bonds has had a front-row view for many of his
father's milestones, so watching history from the stands would be a
new perspective.

"Seventy, 71, 72, all of those, and 660," he said, referring
to when his dad broke the single-season home run record in 2001 and
then tied godfather Willie Mays for third place on the career list
with No. 660 in 2004. "I wasn't there for 700, but I was there for
715 and also 714 in Oakland."

For this milestone, Barry Bonds might be blowing a kiss and
waving to Nikolai the way he does to his two daughters and wife,
Liz. Typically, Nikolai is waiting for his dad with a
congratulatory hug at home plate.

"We'll probably all come down on the field and give him hugs,"
Nikolai said. "I'll still be there with him."