Bonds has no problem with Costas' height, just his 'irresponsible journalism'

SAN FRANCISCO -- Barry Bonds says his problem with Bob
Costas has to do with his reporting, not the broadcaster's height.

Bonds called Costas a "little midget man who knows [nothing]
about baseball" following this week's broadcast of HBO's "Costas

"My reaction stemmed from my feelings about Costas' statements
during a broadcast," Bonds said in a journal entry posted on his
Web site. "The comment I made about him was off the cuff, and my
problem with Costas is not with his height, but with his
irresponsible journalism. If my choice of words offended anyone,
that was not my intent."

Costas believes the San Francisco Giants star has used
performance-enhancing drugs and said he viewed Bonds'
accomplishments as inauthentic.

"I take great offense to those statements, especially coming
from someone who is supposed to have journalistic integrity and not
make blanket reckless accusations," Bonds said in his journal

Costas said he wasn't offended by Bonds' snipe.

"As anyone can plainly see, I'm 5-6½ and a strapping 150, and
unlike some people, I came by all of it naturally," Costas said