Mariners apologize, but Moose will remain on duty in Seattle

SEATTLE -- The fur isn't going to fly for the Mariner Moose.

The Seattle Mariners' mascot won't be punished for running into Boston outfielder Coco Crisp while riding an all-terrain vehicle during Sunday's game.

"The Mariners are very sorry for the unfortunate accident," the team said in a statement. "We were grateful that no one was hurt. We apologized to Coco and the Red Sox and they were gracious enough to accept. No punishment is planned against the Moose."

In the middle of the fifth inning, Crisp was leaving the Red Sox dugout when the Moose drove by. He clipped Crisp, who was knocked down. Crisp dusted himself off and feigned anger by cocking his arm as if he was going to throw his glove at the Moose.

"Never really gotten hit by a moving vehicle before. That was the most athletic thing I did all day," Crisp said after the game.

"I'm not an angry man," Crisp said. "It was an accident. I
mean, I'm not going to run over and clothesline the guy."

Mariners management, led by general manager Bill Bavasi, sent an apology to Boston manager Terry Francona in the dugout. Francona missed the incident because he was
using the clubhouse bathroom.

"I actually got a very kind message from Bill Bavasi," Francona said. "It would have been a horrible accident."