Vizquel claimed off waivers but not dealt by Giants

Omar Vizquel may not necessarily be part of the Giants' future after this season. But he will, apparently, finish out the 2007 season with San Francisco, because he failed to clear waivers earlier this month.

Vizquel was placed on waivers -- like just about every player in the majors -- and he was claimed by an unknown team. The Giants did not work out a trade or give Vizquel to that team, and chose to withdraw him from waivers, instead. Because the Giants withdrew him from waivers, they cannot trade him the rest of the season.

The Detroit Tigers have been looking for someone who can play shortstop, and they may have claimed the veteran. Or perhaps it was another team that did so, like the Cleveland Indians, who had been looking for an extra infielder before picking up Chris Gomez, and might have wanted to block Vizquel from landing with the Tigers.

Vizquel, 40, is nearing the end of a career that will earn him serious Hall of Fame consideration: He has accumulated 2,572 hits, 1,325 runs, 377 stolen bases, and has been regarded by some of his peers as the best fielder of his generation. Vizquel has won 11 Gold Glove Awards.

Buster Olney covers baseball for ESPN The Magazine