Selig doubts seeing early copy of steroids report

DENVER -- Bud Selig doesn't think he will get an advance
look at George Mitchell's report on steroids use in baseball.

Mitchell, a Boston Red Sox director and former Senate Majority
Leader, was hired by the baseball commissioner in March 2006 and is
expected to issue his report before the end of the year.

Selig was asked before Game 3 of the World Series whether he
will see the report before it is made public.

"I doubt I will," he responded. "Nobody will see it."

Then he modified his answer slightly, saying he might get it a
few hours before others so he could "digest it."

Selig wouldn't speculate on possible discipline for players who
may be implicated.

"I just don't want to comment because I don't know what's going
to come out," he said.