Playful Papelbon not opposed to having A-Rod on his side

NEW YORK -- Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon would be happy
to have Alex Rodriguez as a teammate.

"Personally, I would love to have him come on just so I don't
have to pitch to him," Papelbon said Wednesday night on the "Late
Show with David Letterman." "But, you know, I think the fans in
Boston might think otherwise."

Rodriguez recently opted out of his contract with the New York Yankees and filed for free agency. Some think he could land with
the Red Sox because Boston's third baseman, Mike Lowell, also can
become a free agent this offseason.

"Obviously, we'd like to have Mikey back, that's for sure, but
we've got to wait and see what happens," Papelbon said. "He's a
phenomenal guy. He's awesome."

Papelbon, who closed out Boston's World Series sweep of the
Colorado Rockies on Sunday night, also was a huge hit with
Letterman. The fun-loving reliever did a mean impression of David
Ortiz conducting a team meeting and revealed something unexpected
about the big slugger.

"Not very many people know this, but David Ortiz happens to be
a huge Bedazzler," Papelbon said, drawing laughs. "Yeah, yeah,
see like this jacket right here? He couldn't wear this jacket
normally, he'd have to put, like, Bedazzle a Lamborghini in the
back, or something like that."

The right-hander also talked about dancing an Irish jig in his
skivvies on the field.

"There's an explanation for that," Papelbon said. "We were
kind of just messing around in the locker room like we usually do,
and I just happened to have on nothing but some underwear and a
kid's T-shirt Red Sox uniform jersey. And that's kind of what I
decided to celebrate in, you know what I mean? What can I tell

Papelbon said he was hoping to get an at-bat in the World Series at Coors Field.

"Probably was going to go deep," he said, "but I had to go pitch."