Baseball writers table decision on player bonuses

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Baseball writers tabled their decision
to prevent players from receiving bonuses for winning the Most
Valuable Player, Cy Young or rookie awards.

The Baseball Writers' Association of America voted 41-21
Wednesday in favor of the resolution, which was to be implemented
in 2013. The lag time was designed to give agents and teams an
opportunity to adapt to the ban.

On Thursday, the BBWAA's board voted 7-0 to table

"The action was taken in order to seek meetings with officials
from Major League Baseball and the Major League Players Association
to address concerns of those on all sides regarding bonus clauses
in players' contracts tied to the BBWAA awards," the BBWAA said.

Many veterans have award provisions in their contracts, some for
honors bestowed by The Sporting News and Baseball America, others
for postseason awards given by Major League Baseball, such as World
Series MVP. Some are small -- at least relative to the multimillion
dollar salaries -- but others are worth millions.

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez earned a $1.5
million bonus for winning the AL MVP in 2007, and Boston Red Sox
pitcher Curt Schilling has a clause in his agreement for next year
that would pay him $1 million if he receives even a single
third-place vote for the Cy Young Award.