Tigers move Cabrera to first base, Guillen to third

DETROIT -- Miguel Cabrera's tenure as the Detroit Tigers' third baseman lasted three weeks.

A month after signing Cabrera to a $152.3 million, eight-year contract, the Tigers announced Tuesday night that he would be moving to first base. Carlos Guillen, an All-Star shortstop last season, will move from first base to third.

"We think, at this particular time, this gives us a better team," Tigers manager Jim Leyland said after a 10-2 win over Texas.

Leyland declined to answer questions about the decision, but both players said they were fine with the change.

"I feel good at first," said Cabrera, who is fielding .900 in 15 games at third. "They asked me if I was OK with doing this, and I said it was cool."

Cabrera has played seven times at first this season, the first appearances at the position of his six-year career.

Guillen served as Seattle's regular third baseman during parts of the 2000 and 2003 seasons but hasn't played the position since. He moved from shortstop to first this spring after the acquistion of Edgar Renteria.

"I'm here to play, and I've played there before," he said. "I'll do the best I can. I have no problem with it, and Miguel is OK with it. Everybody is happy."