Tribune reportedly wants to keep share of Cubs in sale

How about a Mark Cuban-Chicago Tribune partnership? Talk about maverick meets old school.

That's a remote possibility after Tribune Co. chairman and chief executive officer Sam Zell said this week that the conglomerate would like to keep a minority share of the Chicago Cubs after the sale of the team.

"In all likelihood, the company will keep some kind of minority interest in the Cubs," Zell said, according to The Chicago Tribune.
"An asset like that is an extraordinary asset for ego gratification and identification, none of which the Tribune took advantage of ... nor do I think they were capable of doing that. It belongs in entrepreneurial hands and I think that would benefit the team, the city and, for sure, Tribune."

Cuban, the mercurial Dallas Mavericks owner, is only one of about nine groups that have expressed interest in buying the club. Zell led a highly leveraged purchase of the Tribune Co. in December and said that the Cubs would go on the market.

Potential buyers have been waiting for the release of the team's financial information, which is supposed to happen soon.