Wilson's career possibly over after rehab setback

DETROIT -- Detroit Tigers catcher Vance Wilson's career might be over after a major setback in his recovery from Tommy John surgery.

Wilson missed the entire 2007 season with an elbow injury and underwent reconstructive surgery on his right elbow on June 13, 2007. The surgery included a grafted ulnar collateral ligament, and the Tigers announced Thursday that Wilson tore the new ligament while trying to rehab the injury.

If Wilson chooses to go through the procedure again, he would be sidelined for at least another 12 months, but the eight-year veteran is going to consider his options before making a final decision.

Wilson played his first six seasons with the New York Mets before coming to Detroit in 2005. He was Ivan Rodriguez's backup during the 2006 World Series run but did not play during the postseason.