Players, ump lose track of count; Rodriguez Ks on 4-2 pitch

DETROIT -- For the Los Angeles Angels, Detroit's Comerica Park is no fun house -- though weird things keep happening to them there.

On Thursday, two days after pitcher Jered Weaver cut his fingers on a staple in the dugout bench upholstery, Sean Rodriguez managed to strike out on a 4-2 pitch.

In the fourth inning, Aquilino Lopez struck out Rodriguez on what the home plate umpire and players on both teams thought was a full count. But a pitch-by-pitch replay of the at-bat showed that Rodriguez was told to take the bench when he should have been told "take your base."

According to the Los Angeles Times, Rodriguez said that with the count at 2-2, home plate umpire Tim Welke asked Tigers catcher Brandon Inge what the count was.

"He said he thought it was 1-2, and I said I thought it was 1-2 also," Rodriguez said, according to the report. "He thanked me for my honesty."

Welke had the scoreboard reset to 1-2, and Rodriguez struck out instead of walking.

Welke apologized to Rodriguez during his next at-bat, according to the report.

"I told him don't worry about it," Rodriguez said, according to the Times. "It was more my fault than his. I struck out on a 4-2 pitch. How many guys do that?"

Angels manager Mike Scioscia was not amused.

"That's embarrassing, and we missed it," he said, according to the Times. "That shouldn't happen."

On the bright side for the Angels, they won the game 7-1 and took two out of three in Detroit, cutting their magic number in the AL West to six entering Friday's game against the Chicago White Sox.