Dodgers take first offer off table, continue to negotiate with Manny

The Los Angeles Dodgers have withdrawn the contract offer extended to free agent Manny Ramirez, but negotiations are expected to continue, according to MLB.com.

The Dodgers offered Ramirez a two-year deal guaranteed for $45 million, plus an option year at an additional $15 million. The offer expired Thursday night with the Dodgers' exclusive window for re-signing departing free agents.

"We still have an interest in him," general manager Ned Colletti said. "This doesn't mean we won't continue discussions. They just can't accept that offer flat-out. It's like any other free-agent negotiation now. We'll have conversations and sometimes you're able to sign the player and sometimes you're not.

"Our exclusivity ended yesterday and now they'll have a chance to hear what other clubs are willing to pay and for how long."

Ramirez is 36 years old but wants a six-year deal. With no designated hitter rule, the Dodgers don't want to pay an outfielder of that age that much money for that many years.

Colletti said it's typical to withdraw offers without closing the door.