Source: Dodgers make offer to Manny

A two-year, $45 million offer three months ago didn't get it done. So on Monday, the Los Angeles Dodgers made a new offer to Manny Ramirez -- for one year and $25 million, according to a major league source.

Dodgers GM Ned Colletti confirmed to ESPN.com that he met with Ramirez's agent, Scott Boras, on Monday and presented the new offer in person.

Colletti declined to confirm any details of the offer. But the offer was confirmed by another source with knowledge of the discussions. It's believed that Ramirez and Boras were given a 48-hour deadline to accept the offer.

Boras and the Dodgers have haggled since November over Ramirez's worth, but they have been hung up mostly by the four to six years Boras has been looking for. So clearly, the Dodgers decided it was time to change tactics.

By offering Ramirez $25 million, they apparently believe they're sending a clear message that they want him back -- since that would make him the second-highest paid player in baseball this year, behind only Alex Rodriguez. It would also give Ramirez a chance to go back into the free-agent market next winter, when, presumably, the economy will have improved.

Judged only by the average annual value of the contract, the new offer is a step up from the Dodgers' previous offer. On Election Day, the Dodgers offered Ramirez $15 million for the 2009 season, $22.5 million in 2010 and a $7.5 million buyout or $22.5 million club option for 2011. So that contract would have maxed out at $60 million over three years if the Dodgers picked up the option.

However, Boras has consistently been seeking $25-30 million a year for four to six years. So it's uncertain how he and Ramirez will receive the Dodgers' latest negotiating twist.

Senior writer Jayson Stark covers baseball for ESPN.com.