Hurdle to ask for change to error ruling

ATLANTA -- If Colorado manager Clint Hurdle has his way, Todd Helton will have his 2,000th hit even before the Rockies play their next game.

Hurdle called the press box after the Rockies' 5-1 victory over Atlanta on Monday night to request a meeting with official scorer Jack Wilkinson after Helton's hard grounder between second and third in the ninth inning was charged as an error to shortstop Yunel Escobar.

According to Hurdle, Wilkinson agreed to meet before Tuesday night's game.

"That was a smoking ball," Hurdle said. "It was no error, but we're moving on."

Helton finished 0 for 4 and needs one hit to become the 255th player to reach 2,000.

Hurdle called the press box when "E-6" was flashed on the scoreboard.

"I do this for players all the time when I think it's inappropriate," Hurdle said. "I have to take the initiative for my players."

Wilkinson was not available for comment after Hurdle finished meeting with reporters and the Rockies' clubhouse closed.

Replays showed that Escobar never touched the ball, which bounced past his glove and into left-center field. Escobar was not available to speak with reporters in the Braves' clubhouse.

"I've never seen that [kind of] ball [ruled] an error before," Helton said. "All that matters is that we won the game. It didn't matter."