Ramirez unhappy with HBP

Hanley Ramirez wanted some retaliation and what he got was a war of words.

After the Marlins' 11-3 win over the Blue Jays on Sunday, the All-Star said his team should have retaliated for him being hit by a pitch, according to multiple media reports. After a closed-door meeting with the player, manager Fredi Gonzalez wouldn't answer questions on the subject and kicked reporters out of the clubhouse in Toronto.

Ramirez was convinced that Dirk Hayhurst hit him in the elbow on purpose with a man on second and two outs in the sixth inning.

"Everybody knows it," Ramirez said, according to the Miami Herald. "I think Fredi knows it. J.J. [Marlins pitcher Josh Johnson] knows it. He was throwing strikes."

In remarks made in Spanish to a reporter for the Florida Sun-Sentinel, Ramirez said that the Marlins had an "obligation" to retaliate.

"You know, incredible," Ramirez said, according to the Sun-Sentinel. "There's going to come a point where I'm not going to feel protected. I'm going to be scared to hit a home run because I know I'm going to get hit."

Ramirez, who had two hits and two RBIs in the game, then met with his manager. Gonzalez emerged shortly thereafter and woudn't comment about the incident except to say, "Hit by pitch." He then had two reporters escorted from the clubhouse.