Wright dismisses Franco's comments

MILWAUKEE -- The New York Mets already are riddled with injuries and struggling to win. Now former teammate John Franco is piling on -- but Mets third baseman David Wright said that's the least of the team's problems.

"With all due respect to Johnny, he doesn't know what's going on in this clubhouse," Wright said Wednesday, after the Mets beat the Milwaukee Brewers 1-0 to stop a five-game losing streak. "I don't feel the need to have to defend myself as a leader. If these guys in here respect me and think of me as a leader, that's what I need."

In an interview with Sirius XM Radio, Franco said the Mets have "almost no" leadership and suggested that Wright isn't willing to do his part.

"I tried talking to him and tell him to come forward and be that guy, but I think David feels that being that he's such a young player and you have the [Carlos] Delgados and [Gary] Sheffields and veteran guys like that, he's afraid that they'll look at him like, 'Be quiet and sit down,'" Franco said.

Wright said he wasn't worried about criticism from Franco, who played for the Mets from 1990-04.

"I don't worry myself about outside people saying what they're going to say," Wright said. "It doesn't matter. What matters to me are these 24 guys in here and the coaching staff. Whatever anybody else wants to say, they can say whatever."