Chief Hirschbeck defends ump's call

NEW YORK -- Given another swipe at the play, the umpires said Derek Jeter was told he got tagged, too.

A day after a disputed call left the New York Yankees and their captain peeved, crew chief John Hirschbeck tried Tuesday night to quell the ill will.

In Monday's game between New York and Toronto at Yankee Stadium, Jeter tried to steal third base in the first inning and was called out by ump Marty Foster. The throw beat Jeter, but replays showed he got a hand on the bag before he was tagged by Scott Rolen.

"I was told by the umpire that I didn't have to be tagged to be out," a miffed Jeter said after the 6-5 loss.

Hirschbeck spoke to Foster on Tuesday and got a different version. Here's what Hirschbeck said Foster told Jeter at the time: "The ball beat you, and I had him tagging you."

"I don't see a problem with that," Hirschbeck said. "Sometimes when tempers flare, you don't hear everything that's said."

Yankees manager Joe Girardi joined the argument with Jeter and was ejected. Hirschbeck, however, said Girardi was tossed for complaining about a call Sunday.

Major League Baseball umpire supervisor Jim McKean visited with the crew before Tuesday night's game at Citi Field between the New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers. McKean also talked to the crew before Monday's game.

Hirschbeck did not let Foster speak with reporters after Monday's game, and kept that stance after the Dodgers beat the Mets 8-0 Tuesday night.