Minaya, Manuel jobs safe

WASHINGTON -- New York Mets manager Jerry Manuel's job is safe.

Mets general manager Omar Minaya gave the vote of confidence during the fourth inning of New York's game against the Washington Nationals on Monday night. Minaya said that he recently spoke with Mets chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon, and Wilpon was supportive.

"I want you to be our general manager, and I want Jerry to be our manager," Minaya said he was told by Wilpon.

Minaya, who's in his fifth season as the Mets' GM, said the conversation occurred "a couple of weeks ago."

Minaya said he told Wilpon: "Jeff, thank you for that vote. I don't think about those things, and Jerry [doesn't] either."

Minaya said he understood there would be talk about firings since the injury-ravaged Mets entered Monday five games under .500 (43-48) and nine games back of Philadelphia in the NL East.

The team with the second-highest payroll in the majors was expected to compete for a division title in the first year of their new ballpark.

"When you lose, people are going to come up with those things," Minaya said.

After the Mets defeated Washington 6-2, Manuel said that he enjoyed receiving the news from Wilpon.

"There was a conversation that did take place that was encouraging," Manuel said.

Manuel said Wilpon urged the team not to give up on the season.

The manager said he was told, "We're in this to the end."

Manuel became manager on June 18, 2008, replacing Willie Randolph. After last season, his contract was extended through 2010.

Manuel said he didn't change his lifestyle after talking with Wilpon.

"You don't go buy a new house," Manuel joked.