Chan Ho Park sues Kreuter

LOS ANGELES -- Chan Ho Park has sued his former Dodger battery mate Chad Kreuter, accusing him of failing to fully pay off a $460,000 loan.

Park filed the lawsuit Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming breach of promissory note and negligent misrepresentation.

The suit claims Park loaned Kreuter $460,000 in October 2005 to be repaid a year later with interest. Park alleges Kreuter paid back $290,000 in April 2007 and the unpaid balance has grown, with interest, to $281,869.73 as of Dec. 1.

Park is a free agent after playing for the Philadelphia Phillies last year. Kreuter retired in 2003.

The two men played together on the Dodgers in 2000-01.

Attempts to reach Kreuter at USC, where he works, were unsuccessful.