Congressman asks Selig to move game

Protests about Arizona's recently passed immigration law continue as U.S. Rep. Jose Serrano (D-N.Y.) said he is asking baseball commissioner Bud Selig to pull the 2011 All-Star Game from Phoenix.

The World Boxing Council on Thursday said it will not schedule Mexican fighters in the state, and 40 immigration rights supporters protested outside Wrigley Field, where the Arizona Diamondbacks are playing the Chicago Cubs this week.

Serrano, who represents the Bronx, said he asked Selig to move the game in a letter he sent Thursday.

"This anti-immigrant law is unjust, wrongheaded, mean-spirited and unconstitutional," Serrano said in a statement released late Wednesday. "It is important that everyone who believes in justice and our national spirit of decency speak out against this measure.

"MLB has a very loud megaphone, and their rejection of Arizona's action would be an important demonstration to Arizona that we do not tolerate such displays of intolerance in our nation."

Critics say the law will lead to racial profiling by police.

The Mexico City-based WBC called Arizona's law, which makes it a crime to be in the state illegally, "shameful, inhuman and discriminatory."

WBC president Jose Sulaiman said in a statement that the ban on Arizona fights involving Mexican fighters also has been approved by the Federation of Boxing Commissions of Mexico.

The boxing ban will start Saturday.