Strasburg memorabilia donated to HOF

WASHINGTON -- It took only one start for the Hall of Fame to take notice of Stephen Strasburg.

The Washington Nationals said Thursday they are donating to Cooperstown a Strasburg hat and a ball from his 14-strikeout debut this week.

Strasburg also taped a Top 10 list of "Little Known Facts About Stephen Strasburg" for Thursday night's broadcast of "The Late Show with David Letterman."

Among the highlights:

• No. 5: "Dumb guys think I directed 'E.T."

• No. 4: "I also scored the winning goal for the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup finals."

• No. 3: "I blew my signing bonus on laser back hair removal."

Strasburg-mania also is prompting TBS to switch its coverage this Sunday. TBS will now show Washington's game at Cleveland, with Strasburg set to start.

TBS was previously scheduled to show the Phillies-Red Sox game.

The Indians' ticket office has been busy taking orders for the rookie right-hander's second career start Sunday. Averaging a major league-low 15,468 thru 25 dates, the Indians sold 8,100 tickets in the past seven days to the final game of the interleague series against the Nationals.

"We are excited to play host to the young man's first major league road start," said Bob DiBiasio, the Indians' vice president of public relations. DiBiasio said about 2,000 tickets were sold Thursday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.