Jackson's next start may be delayed

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Arizona's Edwin Jackson may get some extra rest after throwing a whopping 149 pitches to complete the fourth no-hitter of the major league season.

Diamondbacks manager A. J. Hinch said Saturday that the team is exploring several options to ensure Jackson's arm recovers before his next start. One possibility is pushing the outing back one or two days.

"We're looking at a lot of options. More than likely we'll give him an extra day or two," Hinch said before Saturday's game against the Tampa Bay Rays. "We'll see how the next couple games go, but we're definitely leaning that way."

Jackson is scheduled to make his next appearance Wednesday at St. Louis. The Diamondbacks have Thursday off, and Hinch said there's a chance Jackson won't pitch again until next Friday or Saturday at home against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Jackson walked eight and allowed 10 baserunners overall while beating the Tampa Bay Rays 1-0 on Friday night.

The pitcher appreciated Hinch giving him an opportunity to finish the game, despite the soaring pitch count. It was most pitches thrown in a game in five years.

"He let me put my neck on the line. If something would have happened in that game, everything falls back on him, but I just wanted to give him the confidence because I wasn't coming out of that game until I gave up a hit or a home run," Jackson said. "He could rest me the next start if he wanted to, but I let him know I wasn't coming out of that game."