Jose Canseco uses brother in his place

When is Jose Canseco not Jose Canseco? When he's his twin brother, Ozzie.

The Canseco brothers are now in a fight with celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman after Ozzie showed up as Jose for a scheduled fight and pretended to be his notorious twin brother, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

"A bait-and-switch," Feldman said. "I'm disgusted."

Fans at a Hard Rock nightclub Saturday in Hollywood, Fla., were able to point out the impostor due to a difference between Ozzie's and Jose's respective tattoos.

Feldman claims he paid Jose $5,000 leading up to the fight with plans to pay him an additional $5,000 upon arrival. A disagreement over the money now remains between the two sides.

"The guy I thought was Jose kept asking me to pay him in cash before [the fight]," Feldman said. "I told him I had to pay him by check for business reasons. He said he needed cash. We went back and forth."

Ozzie, who has subbed in for Jose at autograph signings in the past, never fought in his brother's place Saturday and received a police escort out of the nightclub.

Jose took his side of the fight to the Internet on Saturday, posting on Twitter, "Be very careful with Damon feldman who runs celebrity boxing he will not pay you if you fight for him."

Feldman has said he did not pay Ozzie the arrival fee of $5,000 and also wants the original $5,000 he paid Jose back.

"I've worked with him before," Feldman said. "Except now I've got to look back at the pictures at the time and look if I ever really met Jose Canseco."