Angels set record with wrestling masks

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- In what could go down as one of the most unique ballpark giveaways of all time, the Los Angeles Angels were still getting plenty of attention Wednesday for their wrestling mask night.

Not only did the Angels give each fan in attendance a wrestling mask, headgear made popular by the Lucha Libre wrestlers of Mexico, they turned Tuesday night into a world record. Starting in the fifth inning, fans were asked to don the masks for 10 minutes.

A representative from the Guinness Book of World Records was on hand to verify the record. It was the second consecutive season the Angels made the record books, doing a similar promotion last season when they handed out maroon Snuggie-style blankets and asked fans to wear them at the same time.

To get fans in the mood to wear the masks, the Angels showed clips of the 2006 Jack Black movie "Nacho Libre" on the stadium video board.

On the field, the promotion appeared to bring good karma to the home team. The White Sox did not score during their half inning when fans were wearing the masks. The Angels scored in their half inning.

Local television news updates in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning did not include highlights of the White Sox-Angels game, but did show the crowd of 40,128 wearing the red metallic fabric masks with the white Angels logo in the front and mentioned the world record that was set.

Doug Padilla covers the White Sox for ESPNChicago.com and ESPN 1000.