Nats, D-backs pitchers suspended

NEW YORK -- Washington Nationals pitcher Jason Marquis and Arizona Diamondbacks reliever Esmerling Vasquez have been suspended for throwing at hitters last weekend after both teams had been warned.

Marquis was penalized five games and fined an undisclosed amount Tuesday by Major League Baseball. Vasquez was suspended three games and also fined. Both pitchers have appealed and can play until the process is complete.

Managers Jim Riggleman of the Nationals and Kirk Gibson of the Diamondbacks were each suspended for one game and fined. Riggleman will sit out Tuesday night at San Francisco and Gibson will miss Arizona's game at Pittsburgh.

"I expected it, I think that's what happens," Gibson said. "There's nothing we can do about it."

Arizona bench coach Alan Trammell managed in Gibson's absence.

The Nationals and Diamondbacks were warned in the fifth inning Sunday. Marquis then hit Justin Upton in the sixth and Vasquez hit Danny Espinosa in the eighth.

"Part of the game. I thought J-Up handled it well, took his base," Gibson said.
"You have to command the inside part of the plate. There's little room for error in there, that's why a lot of pitchers don't like to throw in there. If they leave it a little bit out over the plate, it goes a long way, so you have to tuck it in there, and if it runs on in, you're going to hit a guy, and that happens.

"On our side, I told you about the scouting reports on these guys, kind of crowd them and we crowd them and we hit a few of those guys and they hit a few of us, and the games were very intense and very even, so I thought that was a good series overall, good baseball," he said.